Our sustainability objectives are linked to our core business. These include using resources sparingly, promoting climate protection, and addressing our responsibility to our employees and to society.

We consider sustainable management to be a strategic task for corporate development and thus involve all relevant functions in mapping it out. In our Roadmap 2020, we defined the precise objectives for our four dimensions (corporate governance and corporate culture, employees and society, environment, products). These are linked to our core business: to bring about sustainable, individual mobility that is highly efficient, causes zero accidents, and is clean, intelligent, and affordable for all.

Our BASICS are the foundation of Continental’s lasting success. These corporate guidelines outline our vision, mission, and values, which in turn define our corporate activities and the way we interact with one another and with all other stakeholders. They also underscore our careful use of resources, our social responsibility, and our culture of working for one another. They are our most important compass in this time of digital transformation, because our working world is changing profoundly. We believe this transformation presents considerable opportunities for our company, for climate protection and for road safety.

The interplay between our BASICS, our corporate governance guidelines, and our comprehensive code of conduct, to which all employees of the corporation are bound, gives rise to a responsible approach to corporate governance and oversight that is aimed at generating lasting added value. Our anti-corruption guidelines send a clear message on corruption and corruptibility.

Our compliance management system is based on a comprehensive analysis of the compliance risks potentially associated with structures and procedures, a specific market situation, or issues in particular regions.

Responsible corporate management also requires dealing with risks in a responsible manner. Continental has a corporation-wide internal control and risk management system that is used to analyze and manage the risks to the company.

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, we support its ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption. We outline the progress we are making on the sustainability front in our sustainability report, which is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard. You can access this report online at

Profitability as a prerequisite
Our sustainability objectives and activities are also geared toward our company’s success. Achieving our objectives with regard to employees, the environment, and society means that we are opening up the company to change, are able to identify opportunities and risks quicker, are remaining fit for the future, and are increasing the company’s value.

Our employees – the foundation of our success
Respecting people, valuing their achievements, and fostering their abilities are the foundations of our HR work. Continental is a diverse company whose employees come from various ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. We appreciate and encourage our employees’ diverse ideas and experiences. These make us successful. By supporting them in the course of their professional development and fostering their talents, we are creating added value not only for our employees, but also for the company, our customers, and other stakeholders. In addition to training and development opportunities – not to mention fair wages and salaries – we also offer our employees attractive social benefits. The health of our employees and job security are top priorities as well.

Environmental and climate protection
Our environmental management system is based on global megatrends, which also form the basis of the corporation’s overall strategy. This system incorporates all levels of the value chain and the entire life cycles of Continental products. As a result, our environmental responsibilities extend from research and development, the purchasing of raw materials and components, logistics and production, to the use and recycling of our products. Our service processes are geared toward continuously improving the use of resources in relation to business volume. We manufacture products that make an active contribution to protecting the environment and conserving resources throughout their entire service life as well as when they are eventually recycled.

Social obligations and responsibility
One of our basic values is trust. Trust requires integrity, honesty, and incorruptibility. Compliance with all the legal requirements that apply to Continental and its subsidiaries and adherence to internal regulations by management and employees form part of our obligations and shape our corporate culture. Through profitability, we lay the foundations for safeguarding jobs in many regions of the world. We also aim to create value for the people who live and work near our locations. Our voluntary activities focus on three areas in which we wish to position ourselves based on our business model, our challenges, or our self-image and where we aim to promote forward-looking development: social welfare and road safety, education and science, and sports.